The photograph below was taken on a visit to New Orleans a few years back. It's on the side of the Apple Barrel Bar building on Frenchman Street (if memory serves). The white-haired, white male archaeologist is sitting on a box that--as you look more closely, is the roof of the warehouse that may have once stood on the site being excavated. Shards of pottery and shell are embedded in the mural.

The Greater New Orleans Archaeology Program uses it as a background image on their website and identify it as "'Neighborhood Archaeology' by Rain Webb, 1986. Commissioned by and courtesy of Phil Esteve, Apple Barrel Bar & Restaurant, 609 Frenchman St., N.O., LA."

Is this an image of an actual archaeologist, or is it one to add to the FictionalArchaeologists list? How does it fit into PopularArchaeology images? Apparently it was commissioned from artist by the restaurant

If you're familiar with the mural and its history, feel free to edit this page and add your comments.


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