This page is for people who deal with electronic publishing. That's part of my day job and I know I've learned some tricks that would be useful to communicate to others and I'm hoping that becomes reciprocal among others of my ilk. I don't know whether editing tricks is a culture/science interface deal, but I think it very well might be.

I was going to run this by people at my day job, but I'm not sure my office will ever be really interested in this, and I think it's a fabulous idea, so I'm taking their name off it and going with the flow anyway. Please feel free to add pages or comments if this trips your trigger too.

AcrobatTricks is a page for suggestions about dealing with the eccentricities of Adobe Acrobat

WordTricks is one for Word tips

ReferenceOddities is for peculiar citations

StyleGuides provides links to online style guides which may be helpful to scientists and technical writers.

WordPerfect page

Image Forum for tips on formatting and other wiki how-tos.
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