Jimmy Rivers is a conman and an airline pilot for TWA. He has four wives: Anna Maria Lucia (first), Ingrid in Stockholm, another one in HongKong, and SusannahMcKinley. He and his partner Felix are fairly small-time smugglers (blue jeans from the United States to other countries in the world, etc.) when they stumble on the wheeze of a lifetime. Jimmy is hungry to get new and more lucrative deals going because he needs to pay for four extravagant households.

The big deal Jimmy and Felix land on is that the Shah of Iran has been forced to flee the country, and he wants to smuggle out the Iranian Crown Jewels with him on his way out. Jimmy and Felix plan to hide the jewels hidden beneath the bottom of a little blue bag, fly them into the United States and then return them to the Shah's men for a substantial chunk of change. The jewels take their theft personally, and wreak havoc on the hapless pair.

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