Mike Berryman is a children's book author, whose fictional heroes are similar to Maurice Sendak and Roald Dahl, in that they feature children who are independent and have wild adventures. Berryman's characters are based on his son Brad, drawn from photographs of Brad taken on scripted different setups. Brad enjoyed the setups but they stopped abruptly when Brad got too old and at 14 he discovered the purpose and has a distant relationship with his father in 1980.

Mike's wife left him because he is an impossible man, and they shared custody until the mother remarried and Brad came to live with him.

Mike lives in a 23rd-floor penthouse in New York and has two business associates, administrator Sylvia Brasser and Clay (maybe) who is the graphic artist that illustrates Mike's books. Mike is a dinner and cocktail party host, although he delegates nearly all social and business activities to Sylvia, who loves that and is great at it.
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