Monitor List of Characters

Character List for The Monitors

From planet Bozart (in the Hanswurst Galaxy)
Our protagonists: three graduate students in exo-anthropology
  • Cranberry Molly, a black sheep in hiding
  • Currant Alice, the waitress
  • Lingonberry Stella, the scholar
At Bozart University
  • Dromedary Pingo, president of the Board of Regents and Molly's watcher
  • Professor H. Stilts, head of the anthropology department at Bozart U
  • Coco, Stilts's spouse, and the anthropology department's designated termagant
  • Candy, their daughter
  • Yobo, a fellow waiter friend of Alice's
  • Dumpling, Molly's roommate
  • Knucklehead, Dumpling's significant other
  • Knick Knack, Knucklehead's brother
  • The Great Bozo, a perennial MC at the Molting Festival
  • Glitterbug, a faculty advisor for the anthropology department
  • Grabheiter Fuselage, also known as Fuzzy, adjunct professor in Literacy
Bozart Citizenry
  • Giacomo Wickham, local lothario
  • Bully, obnoxious child
  • Grock, owner of the Cuttlefish Cafe
  • Lucky, obnoxious patron of the Cuttlefish Cafe
  • Toodles Gainsboro, portrait artist
House of the Royal Grapes
  • Queen Smeraldina, Empress of the Bozart Empire
  • Prince Consort Eckles, her spouse
  • Binky, crown princess
  • Daffy, third daughter
  • Daisy, fourth daughter
  • Bobo, their youngest chick
  • Fobus, a nervous courtier
  • Lucinda, sister of Eckles
House of Bilberries
  • Bilberry Loppy, Molly's suitor

From planet Adamantine (in the Resolute Galaxy)
  • Klismos, a sculptor
  • Epeius, the lead engineer at Adamantine Waldo Inc.
  • Hector, Epeius's office assistant
  • Ulixes, the CEO of AWI

From planet Generally Harmless (in the Spilt Milk Galaxy)

From Placid Cold (in the Castaway Galaxy)

From Sylvan Green (in the Gabor Galaxy)

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