I've been maintaining this page for almost a year; my how times flies. Its been sort of a quiet month. The WorldBuildingGame started strong and but has slowed down a bit (come back f1r3br4nd!) but the pages are still getting hits. The big risers were UserPagesteve and InfiniteLinks; I suspect just a symptom of how quiet the month has been.
On an administrative note I've shut off the SandBox; it only seemed to attract porno and steriod links and it looked like someone tried a buffer overlow attack on it; Sorry if you liked that feature but Kristin created the SandBoxBox which you can edit if your logged in.
Still nothing on RandomThoughts but I'm messing with an game in real life; ask me about it.


I sort of got out of the habit of updating this page. The last month we crossed the 100 page threshhold largely due to the WorldBuildingGames activity. Check it out if you haven't already.
The OneSentenceStories continue to have a good amount activity.
A couple of surprises are MonoCulture and Dreaming; they both received a lot of views and moved up the page ranks. It surprising in that they haven't been changed recently.

I'm going to promote RandomThoughts because it didn't get many hits and I want to remember to get back to that project.


Happy birthday Wasteflake. On 2003-Sep-20 our first page was created (The home page).
Since then we have created 95 pages and had a lot of fun. The main contributors myself, Kris and Kristin although we have enjoyed the additions of others (Cornelius and David among others). On a side note, sometimes folks have contributed via the comments instead of editing the page. That is fine of course but it doesn't show up in the recently changed page listing and we may not notice your contribution in a timely manner. We still appreciate it and hope you'll feel like clicking on the edit icon and joining in on the fun.

I hope in the next year I'll happy band will grow. Sometimes this is a little like talking to ourselves but sometimes (like today) it's nice to let ourselves from last year talk to us and remind us of what a FoolishIdea this site is; recall the ArchaeologyFilms we've seen and imagining the ManWhoWantsToBeAWolf.


I haven't updated this page in a while but we have been adding to the OneSentenceStories page. This has been a neat little sub-project and we have a new participant joining. We are getting more hits almost every month but folks seem to shy to join in. One sentence stories are an easy way to join in on the fun.


Kristin and I are just coming back from attending Bloomsday on Broadway at Symphony Space. We had a terrific time NYC but it has cut into our contributions here. It is amazing how much fun it is to hear real actors read from the big book.


I spent sometime looking at the page rankings tonight. I measured the change in the number of page reads since 2004-05-14 (just before I posted here last I'm afraid) and a couple
of things are interesting. First excluding the front page which was read (loaded) 217 time in that period; each page was read 22.35 times or on average we are getting a little more than one read per page per day.

Our leading pages (again excluding the frontpage) are ArchaeologyFilms at 122 and PopularArchaeology at 109. Another up and comer is FictionalArchaeologists at 68. Way to go Archaeology.

Pages with a bullet (pages that have risen in the rankings) include new-comers like this page rising from #66 to #55 and WabiSabi rising from #78 to #68. Hang in there new guys. Also rising higher in the charts is MixingDrinks moving from #22 to #14 with 66 visits.


Not a lot of additions this week. I've added a bit more ramble to MyWabiSabi but we are still waiting to learn about the ThingInTheMiddle there has been some suggestion that it might be pile of Kipple large enough to generate it's own gravitational pull.

From the SixDegreesOfHuh department: the conversation this afternoon drifted toward the poem When Sue Wears Red by Langston Hughes (taken there by me in response to the "I'll where purple...blah blah blah poem" and to the remarkable story of Smedley Butler. It turns out the both Butler and Hughes participated in
The Third U.S. Congress Against War and Facsism
. Go Figure.


We've added some pages. I've started a brief discussion/rant about WabiSabi and such things; Kristin is taken another run at her story KitchenMidden. Kris is coming out of her "about" work and the recovery from that task.

We had a burst of users on Cinco de Mayo; no idea why or who. If you visited us on May 5th, contribute a little comment here about what you looked and why.


Kris has been undertaking a major overhaul of her about.com site and while she is slaving away Steve and Kristin went off for a week long roadtrip.

Meanwhile, site traffic is up nicely in April; you can see current site statisics at the webalizer page. We've shown slow but steady growth since last September when we started. We still aren't seeing a load of "community" participation but if we build you will come. Right? Right?

We are starting to build up content. Today we have eighty five pages with the most popular page (not counting the front page) being Popular Archeology. You can see the list of pages and the number of times they have been accessed at Wiki Rankings.
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