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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

2008 Winter, Spring May 8,2008

In the half-century, plus that I have lived in Illinois, the winter/springs of 06&07 and 07&/08 were out of the norm for this part of the country and very different. Winter/ Spring of 06/07 was warmer and drier. We were glad for the warmer winter, but worried about the lack of moisture. Spring of 07, we all remember, was hot and dry, in fact when farmers planted corn and beans, dust flew as they planted. I planted green beans on April 24, 07 on May 4, they were up and on June 15 was picking green beans. On the other hand, the Winter/Spring of 07/08 was cold and wet. We were above normal moisture in the winter and a lot of zero temperatures. Spring 08 has been cold and wet. I have just now been able to get in my garden to prepare it for planting and will have to wait for a period of 70 degree temperature in order to plant successfully

The world climate has changed over the billions of years the planet earth has been in existence.

Archaeology, geology and other sciences have studied the way civilizations have ended. I wonder if weather changes have been partially responsible for the fall of a civilization.

K.Kris Hirst, a Science Writer recently put together an Archaeology study that looked at the end of the Clovis big game hunters. She wrote:

" Since the appearance of Clovis big game hunters on the North American Continent has been redated to include a mere 300-500 years length, researchers have been trying to trace the reasons for its disappearance. One possible reason is the death of all the big game Clovis was hunting- called the Pleistocene megafauna extinction. The megafauna that disappeared between 15,000 and 10,000 years ago include mastodons, horses,camels, sloths, dire wolves, tapir and short-faced bear. Because these megafauna disappeared at roughly the same time as the Clovis People (or at least their life style), it has long been debated whether the Clovis people were the cause of the disappearance through over-kill or merely the stressed-out survivors of a difficult climate change.

Climatically, the end of the Clovis coincides with the onset of the Younger Dryas period (abbreviated YD), which was substantially colder, dryer and windier, compared to the Pleistocene and the Early Holocene on either side of of the YD. The end of the Pleistocene was a warming trend as the glaciers retreated, and the YD was an abrupt and nasty surprise, a 1000 year long return to tundra conditions. The YD was one of our ancestors occasional struggles with abrupt climate change, which in this case was very bad, especially considering the lack of central heating." Main Web site: http://archaeologyabout.com Subject site: K.Kris Hirst, http:/archaeology.about.com/b/2008/04/28/clovis-black-mats-and-extra-terrestrials.htm

There is more archaeological evidence that spells out the truth to the end of the Clovis people, but that is enough to help me believe that weather changes have had considerable effect on the way the population of our planet exists as well as changed. In the 35 plus years I have lived in Stark County, peculiar temperatures and storm appearances tell me that a change is happening. The folks of the Clovis period were subjected to weather changes over a period of a thousand years, I think the change in Central United States is in the midst of a change.

Call it Global warming or, evolution or whatever, our environmental life styles damaged our living space, but I believe that the change in weather is about more than our treatment of our living space. The Clovis folks were accused of overkilling the animals, but evidence also says that mother earth was changing her life style. The Universe we know is changing, our lifestyles need to change so that we can adapt to the changes in our living space, man made or evolutionary.


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