Diane says that if you want to put a page number on an existing pdf file, use a form rather than a text box. Text boxes are less flexible in placement and don't print, while form boxes may be set anywhere.

I've had ghastly problems trying to get Word or Word Perfect documents converted sweetly to pdf files, using the Distiller. Phont phunnies, I mean, where pages suddenly become two lines longer than they were in the original, meaning the produced pdf doesn't look like the original document and the table of contents is thrown off.

But, since we got a new printer, those problems have pretty much gone away, leading me to believe the problems were associated with whatever default printer driver we happened to have installed conflicting with the Distiller. It might be that you can resolve problems with existing printers by downloading and running a fake printer driver (post-script, certainly, not sure what other defaults ought to be). --Kris

Only, the problems persist, even with the new version. I tried everything, from changing the font size to deleting headers to making the row heights exact rather than "at least". No joy. Finally, I went to the Adobe site, and they say that the thing to do is either:

  1. use a real page formatter (like Pagemaker aka InDesign or Quark Express) or
  2. start a new document with Adobe as your default printer.

Well, naturally, all my documents are started with another default printer, but you can still change the printer setting on a document, and doing that, and then editing the document as you go along before printing to the distiller, voila! no problemas...


Good news! Acrobat 6.0 can convert even the nastiest of Word documents. The architectural fill-in form which are built by using form fields in Word 2000 can be put into pdf files. We've never been able to do it before, because they files are so full of formatting things like boxes and tables. These forms are still difficult to handle with the form fields still in active use, but if you unlink the form fields, you can convert the documents to pdf by the following:

1. Unprotect the Word document
2. Select all
3. Do Control, Shift, F9 all at once (i.e., unlink fields)
4. Save the document and close it.
5. In Acrobat, do the Create a pdf from file as you normally would. Kris

To print pieces of a large PDF to a larger scale, zoom into to your area of choice and do a normal print, only put a checkmark in the box "Current View".

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