Feverish Motors
A Story That Goes on Far Too Long


I would like to thank the 30 writers who collectively wrote Atlanta Knights in one weekend under the pen name of Travis Tea. There is no disputing that it was a book, and if I had bought it for $11 and change instead of pirating it from a Google cache of their site before they realized some people might actually pay money even for that, I'm sure I would have found it to have covers, pages inbetween those covers, and a spine holding the whole thing together. As it is, I'll never know. But it was a book, with all kinds of book stuff written inside, and it has inspired me to start something that is, in much the same sense, a story. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I hope you join in and help. Just remember-- periods, exclamation points, and question marks are THE DEVIL. The DEVIL, okay? All it takes is one and *poof* the story is over. So be careful. I'm kind of trying to use indents to keep track of the clauses in the sentence... after all, just because it's awful doesn't mean it has to be sloppy. Don't worry, though, in the final edit the indents will be removed and it will all be one satisfying solid paragraph.

Chapters 1-50

It was a rainy day,
and he hated rainy days
ever since that incident in Cairo,
with the clowns,
but he reminded himself of what the shrink,
the one with the
pale, shapely breasts
and that one stubborn little hair growing between them
said to him-- "My eyes are up here"
as well as the other thing she said to him--
which he didn't remember exactly but it
had to do with letting go
so let go is what he would do today
despite the lamentable state of the camembert
I wondered if a luncheon au fromage wouldn't hit the spot
so I started to plan my outing to my local chessery when it only
his mind unplanned ran to rooks and knights and rocks
and nights and, damn there was no camembert but maybe a nice brie
if only they would SHUT THAT DAMN BAUZUKI OFF thank you now do you
have any jarlsberger or wilchesterchire and I don't care how
f*cking runny it is

To be continued... by someone... at some point...
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