BP August 2023

The Birthday Project August 2023

Lisa Roger, August 2, 2023.

Madam Badin Blustok is a grand lady of the Bozartian elite society, a raconteur and the great aunt of Currant Alice, a penguin with a great and peculiar future. Image Credit: K. Kris Hirst and MidJourney
Madame Badin Blustok invites everyone in her circle to a magnificent ball, to celebrate the world's greatest nana, Ms. Lisa Roger, on her birthday. Image Credit: MidJourney and K. Kris Hirst

Allen Hirst, August 8, 2023.

Several prairie dogs wearing straw hats stand in a farmyard singing happy birthday to Allen Hirst.
We, the Prairie Dog Chorus of Hutchinson, sing for a most happy birthday to our dear Dr. Professor Allen Hirst, who, throughout his long life, has chosen wisely in all things. Image Credit: K. Kris Hirst via MidJourney

Matt Hirst, August 12, 2023

An ancient philosopher sits in a desert surrounded by pit bulls and holding food for them.
Ancient philosophers assert that the path to wisdom, truth, and beauty is best accompanied by adopted and fostered abandoned pit bull puppies. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our family philosopher Matt Hirst. Image Credit: K. Kris Hirst via MidJourney

Matt added a link to an Alexander meeting Diogenes video, to which Kris replied that the image must therefore be one of 12 philosopher dogs and one random hero conquerer who wants to hang with them, or words to that effect.

Kate Lerner, August 17, 2023

A woman edits the desert landscape in Arizona.
Earth's landscapes are created, adapted, drawn and redrawn, imagined and reimagined, vivified and revivified by dedicated human inhabitants, nurturers and sustainers who lived there from ancient times and who live there today. Happy birthday to Kate Lerner, creator, artist, daughter, spouse, sister, and mother, and volunteer at the Arizona Sustainability Alliance. Image Credit: K. Kris Hirst via MidJourney

Kristin Hirst, August 24, 2023

A brunette Valkyrie in Iceland stares at the viewer with a somewhat peeved expression.
The Queen of the Valkyries is seriously peeved because her favorite Bionic Valkyrie has not returned to Iceland for a month of Oðinsdagrs. Peeved or not, she still sends heartfelt birthday greetings to her beloved Kristin Evenson Hirst, who will soon travel with her consort to commune with ancestral goddesses. Image Credit: K. Kris Hirst via MidJourney

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