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George Hirst

Celebrations For Dec 1/05

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday there were two events that gave me cause for celebration. The first event was a community event held in Wyoming called Moonlight Madness which occurred the Friday before Thanksgiving. The event has a history that goes back years. The spectacular part of the event was the lighted Santa Claus Christmas parade. When Moonlight Madness began many years ago, the downtown stores were open with special bargains and drawings. Quite a few years ago, the parade was added to the event and several years ago lights were added to the floats. The parade was beautiful and celebratory.

As the parade was passing the point from which Dodie and I watched, it occurred to me that there was cause for celebration. When Moonlight Madness began there were the "same old" stores. This year there were changes in those stores that need noting.

Some of the people in the parade were native sons and daughters of Wyoming who were in high school when all of this began. This year there were floats representing new businesses, a lot of the floats were staffed by second generation people all of which spoke of change and growth.

To say that another way, the people who work in the stores and businesses of Wyoming are newcomers and native sons and daughters. The people who grew up here and stayed here are active in the community. People have moved here and work here because they liked what they saw and went to work. I live in Wyoming, I did not grow up here altho, three of our children did, and Ihave worked and still work in Wyoming. I think newcomers and young folks add a flavor to this town that is worth celebrating.

The second cause for celebration is family and personal. Dodie’s and my four children were here for Thanksgiving Day and four of our six grandchildren were here also. Fourteen people were at the table of celebration. Steve and his wife Kristen were here from Iowa City, Steve’s two children were not. Matthew and wife Morgan live in Brooklyn New York and Amy is teaching English as a second language in Japan. Kristina and her husband Ed were here from Iowa City. Lisa and her husband Dan Roger were here from Phoenix, Ariz along with there two girls, Kate an art student in Chicago and Megan Junior in high school. David and his wife Marcia were here from Normal, Il. as were their two children, Aaron, student at Northern University, DeKalb and Rachel, a junior at Normal West High School.

The cause for celebration was the fact that our four children had not been with us all in the same place at the same time for ten years. Coming home was a happy time. The cook (Dodie) did an excellent job planning and preparing the meal. She had plenty of help. A good time was had by all.

There were other family gatherings, and our churches held a community worship service, and people and visited all over town. Let us remember this time of celebration.

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