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George Hirst

Dennis Schaffer, Friend February 28,2008

This community recently lost a valuable member. Among the persons that I have met, worked with or just been a friend with, was Dennis Schaffer. He was a husband, father, grandfather, civic minded, a good churchman and a genius with small engines. More than all of that he was a solid friend to a lot of people. Without any of the show in efforts in this existence, he responded to all sorts of people, he was especially careful with his family.

I became acquainted with Dennis through his shop, Schaffer's Saws and Mowers. I use five pieces of equipment that are powered with a small engine in my yard work. I took care of the usual maintenance with those pieces of machinery, but when I got in trouble and couldn't make something go, he would find the problem, fix it and tell me what I didn't do or did wrong. In the midst of all of that, he was patient and did not make fun of my inadequacies. From my observations, of being at his shop on occasion, there were other persons with problems, for he was very busy.

He opened his shop after serving the USMC Reserves. He retirement from Caterpillar Tractor Company. I knew of his membership in St Dominic's Church, I did not know that he was a lector and a Eucharistic minister, but that was no surprise. I got to know his sons when they were part of a Youth Group in the church I served. I found Judy, his wife to be a warm and caring person. She and Dennis looked after several of the older members of their family. They always did things for other persons. In short, Dennis was a quiet member of our community. We need every person like that so that our common life is good,and caring.

Dennis was one of the citizens of Stark County with which I had a friendship. His passing leaves a hole in my life, not because I lost a repairer of my tools, but that I lost a friend. There are a lot of people like Dennis in our county, people who contribute to our community life in helpful ways. He was a good man and we need all the good people we can find to make our community what it is. May he rest in peace.

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