Global Warming and Solar Cooling

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Global Warming and Solar Cooling April 9.2009

The world is doing a lot of looking and writing about the changing climate these days. Two of the expressions of this change are global warming and solar cooling.

People say that the earth is warming and base this on the glacier melting. They believe the prime reason for the change is caused by human generated emissions, called "anthropogenic effect." I am sure that you have read and heard about this for quite awhile, therefore, I will go no further. I do not deny that the evidence is clear.

On the other hand, people who speak of the cooling of the climate (this past winter makes a point) attributed it to the observation that the number of annual sun spots have been reduced in numbers. Sun spots are the chief warmers of the earth and their reduction has caused the cooling. One of the experts on the sun spots says that human-generated emissions that cause climate changes cause only one twentieth of the effect of the solar irradiation decrease. Evidence of this is the growing of the glaciers in Alaska and in Greenland for the first time in 250 years.

I am sure that we are experiencing climatic change. The effects of global warming that have occurred in my lifetime, like the drouth in the 1930's and the cold spells, the worst of which was this past winter, speak of an evolution of our earth. The changes in the sun, our source of life, has been observed. By the exploration of the universe, we have learned how stars come into being and go dark over millions of years. We also know about our universe is very old, dating back trillions of years. We also know that new stars and new galaxies have been seen in space studies.

These are lessons between the observations scientists have made of way the occupants of earth contributed to the changes in our home and to which we add the observances of space scientists about the changing, growing universe. There is also the knowledge that archeologists and others tell about the civilizations that have gone before us. The 14,000 plus years in the discovered past life added to the 21 centuries of our recorded history helps us realize that we, in this day and age, have much to learn. It only goes to prove that we do not own this space, we are only tenants. We are neither the first occupants, nor will we be the last. None of that comment is ours to make. The ways in which we are destroying our living quarters, or leaving behind mountains of trash are our responsibility. All the way from leaving our trash on a road, to polluting our air, to defiling our soil is our fault and needs to be stopped . The Green folks are right. We must do better, live cleaner. and be less wasteful.

We also need to remember that some of the changes on our living space are out of our reach. We need to understand that, and move to learn how to live with the changes. Storms and all changes in the climate are beyond our ability to change except to learn how to cope.

All of this, plus the many kinds of human life should tell us that living in our days requires that we learn to live together respecting every kind of humanity and to find justice and peace in our willingness to members of a whole world.

This is the 21st century, change is the word of the day. That change is not your way, nor my way, but the way of a universe that has a long history of changes.

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