Tossed out for your consideration:

  1. Science explained for the non-scientist. WhatIsScience ?
  2. Polyvocality — the idea that everyone gets to comment on whatever. Science tends to let just scientists talk about science. See Ian Hodder on Catal Hoyuk — http://catal.arch.cam.ac.uk/catal/mission.html — especially the Discussions with the Goddess community.
  3. Popular images of science and scientists; scientists' attitudes toward popularizations of science. See Cornelius's article on PopularArchaeology
  4. WasteflakeFiction
  5. Quibbles and Bits. Great name. What should it be?
  6. HaveUniverseNeedName
  7. Informational dustbunnies
  8. Dreaming
  9. WabiSabi — Thoughts on Design
  10. Take a look at OneSentenceStories
  11. Preservation of CD Roms and longevity issues, called DeadMediaWorry
  12. IndependentScholar Movement (really really half-baked)
  13. TheElection2004 a place to react/recover.
  14. SinceYouAsked — a blog of ideas to no good purpose.
MoreWasteflake — pages in progress
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