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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Toulon’s Public Works team Nov.3,2005

Of the necessary services a city provides, water, sewer and streets are the most essential. That means clean water from faucets, removal of waste water and a street to travel on to get to other places are all available.

Toulon, like Wyoming and Bradford, has a team that sees to it that those essentials are repaired and maintained. Shane Milroy has been Public Works superintendent for 23 years, Mike Robinson has been Superintendent of Streets for 17 years and Jamie Gerard has provided the service to the equipment of the department for 14 years. Before these three took over the task, Paul Reismeyer was in charge of streets and alleys and Bob Bent took care of the sewer lines.

There are 14 miles of streets in Toulon. Robinson said the streets are in good condition. Three of the streets, Franklin, Miller and Prairie are concrete, the rest are blacktop. Repair work is done by the team as well as snow removal. Mike said that Toulon is one of the few cities that clears sidewalks and alleys as well as the streets.

A chip and oil mix was applied to streets and the job was finished in August.

Shane Milroy has a Class A license for water and sewer work. He works with the team in repair and maintenance work. The new reverse osmosis plant is under his care along with the sewage treatment plant which is being upgraded beginning in December. The sewer lines are in good shape, the oldest ones are in the original town of Toulon and were installed in 1910. The rest have been added as the town has grown.

The City of Toulon’s storm sewers,unlike Wyoming, are separate from the waste lines. The storm sewer empties into Indian Creek. Mike Robinson is in charge of the care of these lines.

Toulon Cemetery is under the care of this crew of men. They contract out the mowing, but they plow the cemetery streets and take care of grave closings and after care.

Shane Milroy said that when any of the team is seen up town, people stop and talk about their work. He said listening to the public is part of the job. This accounting of their work only goes to prove one more time how vital the work of the maintainence and repair group is to the life of any city. I have a suggestion, when you see these men about town: tell them how much you appreciate their work.


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