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Maybe everyone else knows this, but I have recently learned the quick way to select an entire table in Word without having to highlight the whole thing every time. You put the cursor in the table, then presss Alt + 5 on the number keypad. BUT you have to have the number lock turned off (Anne).

We (Marion office) were having trouble copying a formatted table from one word document to another (Word 2002, Office Pro). The formatting would get lost even though the separate styles within the table were set up the same in both documents. I didn't mind losing the border pattern, but the new document added a half-inch indent in each grid cell. That was decidedly ugly. Furthermore, hand-changing each of the grid cells didn't work, the table would simply change back (it was a little spooky, to be honest).

It turns out that in addition to the plain old Styles (paragraph and character), there is a "normal table style" that affects the way all tables work in a given document called "Table Grid" and in the second document, that table grid had formatted paragraphs with a half-inch indentation. Once we changed the indentation of the TableGrid style to flush left, then the only control problems of the copy-paste were lines, which could be auto formatted.

I am not especially happy with the way Word handles style proliferation. It's confusing for the user (especially ex-Word Perfect users) and it's untidy, admittedly like a lot of the user-friendly controls from Microsquash. I should have guessed! (Kris)

I have been playing with Tables of Figures in Word 2002, Office Pro, and just figured out that you can autocaption particular types of files that have been inserted into the document. For example, you can autocaption all Excel, Quattro, Word Table, Paradox, and Access items as Tables. You can set whether the caption is below or above the item and change the way it looks using the Caption style. The only thing I don't know (thanks to the limitations of the Word Help) is whether you can set up a separate Caption style for different types of Captions, i.e. Tables, Figures, and Plates. (Cammy)

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