Louise Branson Morgan is the somewhat estranged aunt of SusannahMcKinley and sister to Olivia Branson McKinley. In 1979, she is a banker and married to Frank Morgan in Fort Lauderdale; they both attend Susannah's rehearsal dinner and wedding to Jimmy. She and Frank are completely turned off by Jimmy who seems "plastic" to them, and Louise has the temerity to take Susannah aside and tell her in no uncertain terms that she should not marry this guy. Susannah, although always on better terms with her aunt than Olivia was with Louise, is disturbed but works herself up to annoyed and avoids her aunt after that.

Louise: needs to work in a bank or married to a banker, in a trusted position so that when the shit hits the fan the second time in 1980, Susannah could come to them, and get access to funds and her safety deposit box even if she doesn't have the key or identification papers. She has to be estranged so Susannah would not go to her as a default exit strategy. She needs to be at the wedding. She could be an unrelated godmother if necessary.


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