Robert was an aircraft mechanic in World War II, who worked at St. Petersburg and other airbases. He was born in 1911, making him 30 in 1941 and 37 in 1948 when he met and married Olivia Branson, and 68 in 1979. At the end of the war, he went back to school on the GI bill, taking a business degree. He took a job in a , a 21-year-old secretary at the when

in 1951, their only child, Susannah McKinley was born. He married Olivia Branson in 1948, when she was a secretary? an administrative assistant? at a business where he was working.

Plot points needed: he needs a background in airplanes but not be a pilot; he needs to be much older than Olivia, he needs to be older than 65 in 1979. They can only have one child, Olivia needs a sister, who is older than she but not much older, and a banker (or married to a banker). Sister is Louise Branson married to Frank Morgan, who is a banker in Fort Lauderdale in 1979.

in 1979, Robert and Olivia are ready to retire and want to go on a long round-the-world trip, but they don't want to leave Susannah without close family. Olivia's sister is somewhat estranged, the two have a sibling rivalry that has lasted for decades, and covering all the familial bases that there can be.

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