On Making a Move

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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores
George Hirst
July, 2010
On Making a Move

We are in the process of making a move to warmer climes for winter. We have planned on getting "our stuff" out of the house we live in here in Wyoming and move to Phoenix, Az.

Well!, did you ever try to move out of a house you'd lived in for a long time and in a community for an even longer time, especially getting your stuff out of the way of another person? Just the physical part of it is hard. You find out that you have kept things you shouldn’t have kept and you have filed papers that you don’t even recognize. Further more, you try to find out just which of all that stuff you really need at the new place. But that is enough about physical things.

There is another side to all of this. It is the part of moving away from people you have known and worked with and for. You change friendships that you have relied upon to friends you only relate to by telephone or letter. You don’t know what the new "territory" will be like as compared with Illinois space and topography. For example: Illinois is plains country, flat land. It may roll a bit, but it does not consist of mountains that shut plains folk in. You also meet folks who are nice enough, but that are not like people you have known and enjoyed their relationship for thirty plus years.

I had a friend who was also a pastor in past years, he told me to never put down roots. Do not make lasting friendships. At the time, it seemed wise enough coming from a successful minister. But that is not our way of life. We do not just work with people or know people; they are our friends, our companions in living a common life. Of course, we put down roots. We raised four children here in Stark County. We did not just "work" here. We lived here. We knew about other people’s joys and sorrows and shared our joys and sorrows with others.

Sure, where we will live has good folk living there. I am positive we will find life good and pleasant. But that it not the point at all. It is like that old saw that talks about wondering how new faces and places will work. The wise words are "you had friends and things to do here, there are people and things to do there." Okay, 1986 to 2010 was a good time for us. We helped accomplish a lot of things.

Stark County and especially Wyoming mean a good deal to us, because we helped and were helped to make good lives. In short, this is a common investment that we all make so that Stark county is a place where people live well.

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