It lay diagonally across his palm as Leo examined his new acquisition. Weighing one hundred and sixty four grams and rapidly adjusting to his body temperature, it felt reasuringly present. A bright lemony yellow, the small oblong brick was immensely satisfying to Leo. Composed of clay that had been incised with marking and baked, he could make out every twitch and jump of the instrument which was used to mark the wet clay. The texture was remarkable fine for unglazed clay but it was intensity and uniformity of the color which most impressed the viewer.

The search for and acquisition of this object had been long, involved and sometimes hazardous. Ash was satisfied with a successful hunt and pleased that he would be able to fill a gap in his cabinet of curiosities. The cabinet with its partioned drawers and glass fronted sections, contained the fruits of a lifetime of organized collecting. Leo had constructed categories and tables and then systematically sought out examples of each category. This represented not just a collection of material oddities but an explanation and ordering of Leo's universe.

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